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Welcome to HR at UBC's Okanagan campus

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The cause statement embraced by our HR Team on the Okanagan Campus says it all:

Building Paths to Support a Dynamic Learning Community

 UBC's Okanagan campus has grown to an enrolment of 8,000 students with over 800 faculty and staff and over 1,000 student employees. Our learning community is indeed dynamic, offering expanding opportunities for staff, students and faculty within an intimate and friendly campus environment.

 The Human Resources team is committed to supporting a positive, respectful and satisfying environment for all members of UBC's Okanagan campus community. We work to build effective strategies, processes and people practices as “paths” to individual, team and campus success. We strive to become partners adding value to the work-life, learning and career paths of faculty and staff through supportive consultation, advice and professional developmental opportunities. We strive to ensure that our approaches to Human Resource practice support the future focus for the Okanagan campus as articulated through the ASPIRE consultation process .

Our campus HR team joins with our HR colleagues in Vancouver to ensure that our people practices are congruent with the University’s strategic plan, Place and Promise. A key element of our commitment to an outstanding work environment at UBC is the Statement on a Respectful Environment for Students, Faculty and Staff. See .

The statement outlines our mutual commitment to treat each other with respect and dignity in a supportive, inclusive environment. The Focus on People framework guided by HR sets out specific strategies and initiatives demonstrating UBC’s leadership in progressive people practices. The following link connects to a message from Lisa Castle, UBC’s Associate Vice President of Human Resources.

Pauline Brandes
Director, Human Resources
UBC's Okanagan campus
Tel: (250) 807-8618

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