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Please note that there is a new process for managing and reporting absences due to illness and injury for all staff and faculty.   The Work Re-Integration and Accommodation Program is aimed at providing a collaborative approach to Injury/Illness (sick) leave and returning or remaining at work following an injury or illness.

What does this mean for you?

  • If you are off sick, it is your responsibility to contact your head/supervisor or the designated administrative staff for your unit who is assigned to enter sick time into the electronic system.
  • If you are off work for 5 days or greater or if there are concerns earlier, you will be contacted by the WRAP Coordinator who will work with you and your head/supervisor as needed.
  • All medical notes and contacts will now be managed by the WRAP Coordinator who works in consultation with your head/supervisor. 
  • Once contacted by the WRAP Coordinator, it is your responsibility to provide medical notes in support of your illness/injury related absence.

Please contact Tracey Hawthorn, the WRAP Coordinator for any questions regarding the new program at 250-807-8183 or  or  

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