Faculty & Staff Lynda.com access has been extended to 2019

Human Resources is pleased to announce that all UBC faculty and staff will continue to have free, unlimited, access to lynda.com’s online learning resources for an additional four years (ending March 2019).

Lynda.com offers an online collection of self-guided instructional videos designed to provide staff and faculty with just- in-time resources to assist in a variety of areas, including updating software skills, learning new technology tools, and enhancing workplace business practices.

These just-in-time learning resources provide the flexibility for all employees to learn what they want, when and where they want. Users can tap into lynda.com’s web-based tutorials to zero in on just the information needed to solve problems, perform specific tasks or quickly update skills.

Lynda.com resources are particularly useful to faculty who want to support flexible learning initiatives at UBC. The ongoing access for staff supports the availability of accessible, timely, work-related learning opportunities to enhance performance and career development.

Please visit the http://lynda.ubc.ca homepage for faculty and staff single-signon (CWL ) access to lynda.com


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