Workplace Learning & Engagement

Workplace Learning & Engagement offers a wide range of development and learning solutions for the individual, the team or the organization as a whole. The team also identifies and implements strategies that impact workplace engagement and supports the University to make sound data driven people decisions with the support of workforce planning and robust workforce analytics.

We use the term “learning” in a very broad sense to encompass those activities that engage you in changing the way you think about or do things and result in something new and better… an experience of growth. While training can develop new skills, only reflective learning can lead to transformation.

We are dedicated to supporting reflective learning that engages and resonates with a deeper aspect of ourselves regardless of our position in the organization, as UBC strives to become the model of a “learning organization.”

We invite you to browse this website to get acquainted with our offerings (Learning & Engagement). We will be happy to meet with you and tailor any of these service solutions specifically to your needs. Similarly, if you don’t find the kind of solution you are looking for, please contact us.