Thriving Workplaces Micro Fund

Keep thriving in your workplace. Workplace Health and Wellbeing is inviting UBCO departments and units to apply for a Thriving Workplaces Micro Fund to support up to $500 to be applied towards activities that promote health, wellbeing and build resilience in the workplace.

Here’s how it works:

A department or unit may submit one application for funding for activities that support the workplace to Thrive. Funding will be based on a reimbursement model. The application process is open from October 1 – 19, 2022, (closes at 4pm on Oct 19th) apply here.

Successful applications will meet funding criteria and be selected using a lottery system and will be notified by October 24, 2022.

Funding criteria:

  1. We encourage that activities connect to the Thrive 5 and are workplace focused. Please note this fund is intended for staff and faculty.

We call these the Thrive 5:

        • Moving regularly
        • Sleeping soundly
        • Eating to feel nourished
        • Helping others
        • Connecting socially

There are many different and relevant ways to foster and maintain good mental health. Being in nature, cultural and spiritual practices, book clubs, creative expression, mental health education and training are just a few examples.

Not sure if your activity meets the Thrive 5 criteria? Contact:

  1. Activities must be completed by December 20, 2022.
  2. Funds must be spent and receipts kept to be used in the request for reimbursement process in Workday by December 20, 2022.
  3. A brief summary of any activities, including quotes or pictures is encouraged, submitted by January 16, 2023, 2021.
  4. Manager/Head is aware and in support of initiative

How funds may be used:

    • prizes, trophies or incentivizing activities (consider the use of sustainable materials, and supporting local and BIPOC-owned businesses)
    • books, note books, art supplies, etc.
    • food, catering or online cooking classes
    • purchase of materials or supplies
    • instructor or facilitator fees/workshop costs
    • room rental fees
    • honorariums as per UBC guidelines
    • pedometers

Funds cannot be used for:

    • equipment (i.e., monitoring equipment such as Fitbit, purchasing of stereo or electronic equipment etc.)
    • operational expenses (hiring of UBC faculty/staff to instruct)
    • charitable donations
    • individual reimbursement of gym memberships/ fitness classes/ entry fees
    • the purchase of alcohol
    • the purchase of gift cards

Support for your Thrive initiative

Supplemental activities and resources:

Learn more about mental health literacy at UBC through Thrive

Not Myself Today Initiative (no cost to digital tool kits, some optional costs associated with materials)

Educational resources (Canvas courses)

There are range of health and wellbeing educational resources available on the Workplace Learning Ecosystem (WPL) under TOPIC: Wellbeing

Additional resources:

Workplace Health Challenges: How To

Healthy Activity Ideas