Work Reintegration and Accommodation Program

The Work Reintegration and Accommodation Program (WRAP) is aimed at providing a collaborative approach to injury/illness (sick) leave and returning or remaining at work following an injury or illness.

What does this mean for you?

  • If you are off sick, it is your responsibility to contact your head/supervisor or the designated administrative staff for your unit. You are also required to enter your sick time into the new Workday system (originally tracked in PAT).
  • If you are off work for 5 days or greater or if there are concerns earlier, you will be contacted by the WRAP Manager who will work with you and your head/supervisor as needed.
  • If you are at work but having difficulty in managing a medical condition, or unaware of what resources may be available to assist you, WRAP is here to support you.
  • All medical notes are managed by the WRAP Manager who works in consultation with your head/supervisor.
  • It is your responsibility to provide medical information in support of your illness/injury related absence as requested by WRAP.

Personnel Absence Tracker (PAT) and Transitioning to Workday

UBCO was using the Personnel Absence Tracker (PAT) system to enter and track employee vacation and sick leave. On November 2, 2020 UBC is transitioning to Workday which will be used to track employee absence.

For the below resources on how to enter your absence in Workday, you will need your CWL login:

For any questions or concerns, regarding PAT and/or Workday absence reporting, please contact:

Sarah Cochrane – Admin Assistant, Workplace Health and Wellbeing

E: | P: 250-807-8893

WRAP Quicklinks

Download Resources

Printable guides to helping staff, faculty or students in distress:

OK campus Orange FolderAssisting Faculty & Staff in Distress  SVPRO FolderSupporting Survivors of Sexual Violence  OK campus Blue FolderAssisting Students in Distress 


Questions regarding WRAP?

Please contact Carleigh Benoit – Manager, Workplace Health and Wellbeing | P:250-807-9543