Essential Administrative Skills

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who is it for?
Any UBC Okanagan faculty, or staff who wants to develop or further develop skills related to their administrative responsibilities.

2) What is it?
It’s a comprehensive package of courses, workshops and eLearning related to key skill areas necessary. From software skills to communication skills to best practices relative to key processes – this series will provide access to a variety of offerings targeted at different skill levels.

3) How will it work?
Course and workshop offerings will be made on a continuing basis throughout the year. Upon completion of one of the EAS offerings the participant will receive a Essential Administrative Skills Certificate of Completion.

4) What if I’ve already completed some of the EAS offerings prior to January 1, 2016?
You may request an Essential Administrative Skills Certificate of Completion for any of the EASS courses or workshops offered through Human Resources/Organizational Development in the past 4 years. Effective January 1, 2016 you will automatically receive a Certificate of Completion for any of the EAS courses or workshops completed. If you have any questions in this regard please contact Lisa Frost, ODL Specialist,

5) How can I find out about new offerings?
Check the Essential Administrative Skills Schedule for a list of courses currently being offered. This Schedule will be updated continuously as new courses and trainings are added so be sure to check back often. If there is a course or training you would like to see offered please contact .

6) What does it cost?
Several of the courses, workshops and eLearning offerings are free of charge. The software skills courses will have fees attached to cover the costs of external instructors, as will some of the workshops. Consider using your professional development funds if you are eligible.

7) Questions??
Contact Lisa Frost, ODL, or ext. 79021