Staff Awards of Excellence


The Staff Awards of Excellence celebrate outstanding contributions instrumental in helping UBC’s Okanagan campus achieve its strategic imperatives, and to contribute to the commitment to create an Outstanding Work Environment, by:

  • Recognizing initiative, talent, creativity and dedication that enrich the work experience for everyone at UBC, and
  • Strengthening recruitment and retention strategies to support UBC’s commitment to hiring the best faculty & staff.

Awards are given to Individuals (four awards) and to a Team (one award) each year.


Five (5) categories of awards.  Up to five awards per year are offered in the following categories:

  • Enhancing the UBC Experiences
  • Leadership
  • Sustainability
  • Global Citizenship
  • Okanagan Campus Spirit (Team Award)

Please review the nomination checklist below for details on how to submit a nomination package.

Staff Awards of Excellence Terms of Reference 2020

Award Criteria

Enhancing the UBC Experience (Customer Service) is awarded to an individual who has accomplished some or all of the following:

  • Improved the value and efficiency of the services they provide
  • Maintained a consistently high quality of service to UBC Okanagan customers including faculty, staff, students and alumni
  • Anticipated clients’ needs and potential problems and acted to proactively resolve
  • Created new, cost-effective and/or innovative methods for performing day-to-day activities
  • Displayed exemplary problem-solving skills
  • Served as role models to others through openness to new ways of doing things and consistently positive interactions

Download Nomination Cover Letter and Appendix A [PDF]

Download Appendix B (Letter of Support) Template [PDF]

Leadership is awarded to an individual that accomplished some or all of the following:

  • Established and maintained exemplary and inclusive people practices
  • Provided a sense of purpose, vision and mission for their co-workers and/or staff
  • Positively influenced others to build consensus and action around departmental or organizational objectives
  • Managed and led change initiatives effectively
  • Achieved sustainable results
  • Invested time and effort in coaching and/or mentoring

Download Nomination Cover Letter and Appendix A [PDF]

Download Appendix B (Letter of Support) Template [PDF]

Sustainability is awarded to an individual that accomplished some or all of the following:

  • Demonstrated the application of UBC sustainability policy or plans in their actions, daily operations or activities on campus
  • Actively engaged their colleagues in demonstrated ways to support campus sustainability
  • Initiated a sustainability-related initiative or practice within the unit or department that has benefited day-to-day operations or the overall campus’ environmental footprint
  • Demonstrated involvement as a volunteer individual or team to help educate, create awareness or promote campus sustainability
  • Activities can be related to, but are not limited to the following – energy conservation practices, recycling and waste diversion practices, water conservation practices, sustainable purchasing practices, sustainable food choices and service delivery, sustainable accommodation operations, green meetings and events, paperless office initiatives, energy conservation practices

Download Nomination Cover Letter and Appendix A [PDF]

Download Appendix B (Letter of Support) Template [PDF]

Global Citizenship is awarded to an individual who accomplished some or all of the following:

  • Initiated and maintained sustainable, collaborative partnerships within UBC or with community, governmental, indigenous or other educational organizations
  • Demonstrated systems thinking and encouraged collaboration, sense-making and integration across campuses
  • Exemplified good citizenship through personal volunteerism or by helping to position UBC Okanagan as a good citizen in the wider world
  • Served as a mentor and/or model citizen to students, faculty, staff, or community members outside of UBC Okanagan

Download Nomination Cover Letter and Appendix A [PDF]

Download Appendix B (Letter of Support) Template [PDF]

Okanagan Campus Spirit is awarded to department colleagues or interdisciplinary group or committee members of three or more people, that have demonstrated the following:

  • Consistently demonstrates enthusiasm, dedication, perseverance and excellence in the face of challenge
  • Works collaboratively encouraging participation and openness while sharing ideas, responsibilities, skills, resources and credit across UBC
  • Promotes a positive work environment characterized by respect, support, trust and collegiality
  • Understanding of its role within UBC and uses an agreed-upon approach to achieve its mission or project outcome, and
  • Integrate effective meeting skills, problem solving tools, planning techniques and conflict resolution strategies to achieve directed results.

Download Nomination Cover Letter and Appendix A [PDF]

Download Appendix B (Letter of Support) Template [PDF]

Nomination Checklist


Individuals or team nominations require at least one regular, permanent staff member with a minimum of two years continuous service.


All UBC Okanagan employees and students may nominate candidates for an award. Either an individual or a team can be nominated; teams consist of two or more individuals.

Your completed award nomination package must include:

  • Nomination Cover Letterand Appendix A
    Rationale and background information on the individual or team nominees.
  • Letters of Support (Appendix B)
    A minimum of two (2) and maximum of five (5) support letters from colleagues and students, not including the nominator and nominee.


On behalf of the Committee, the Human Resources office will acknowledge receipt of the nomination package.

All information submitted will be kept strictly confidential.

Awards will be presented as a virtual event on September 3, 2020.

Nominators of the successful candidate(s) will be notified by the award committee and be invited, along with the nominee to attend the award ceremony.

Selection Committee

The Committee on the UBC Okanagan Staff Awards of Excellence is made up of representatives from Human Resources, Academic Leadership, the Okanagan Executive Team, BCGEU and AAPS. This Committee will administer, receive, evaluate and recommend the winners for each year.

2020 Ceremony and Recipients

The Awards Committee received a record number of nominations in 2020, nearly double that of any previous year and totaling an impressive 36 nomination packages.

While all of the nominations were worthy of an award, according to Gill Henderson, Executive Director of UBCO Human Resources, the awards committee had the unenviable task of selecting just five.

The five award recipients are:
Recipient Awarded
Jenny Janok Customer Service
Philipp Reichert Global Citizenship
Alanna Vernon Leadership
Nancy Adams Leadership
School of Nursing Lab Team

Helen Hamel

Leah Dawe

Laura Mercer

Benda Huber

Colleen duManoir

Michelle Earl

Linda Drew

 OK Campus Spirit

A video celebrating the outstanding qualities and achievements of these staff members can be viewed below.

Previous Years

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If you have any questions about the nomination process or writing a letter of support, please contact Gill Henderson at 250.807.8618 or