Become a Buddy

New Buddy Position Description

Why would I consider becoming a Buddy? Being a Buddy is one way to:
• Share your accumulated knowledge and experience with others
• Gain a better understanding of yourself through helping others
• Expand your skills, abilities and knowledge

What would be the benefits of a Buddy Program for my department? A few of the benefits of starting a Buddy Program within your unit include:
• Consistency in orienting new employees
• Reduced feelings of being overwhelmed for new employees increasing his/her ability to focus on the job
• Satisfied and productive employee, thereby increasing retention
• Sharing of the unit’s work culture (unspoken norms, traditions, etc.).

How can I become a Buddy? You can approach your Supervisor in your department to let them know of your interest in becoming a Buddy. We invite individuals with the following attributes to consider the role:
• Working knowledge of the department
• Demonstrates positive attitude, patience, and strong interpersonal skills
• Can encourage others to become involved
• Maintains confidentiality

Selection and pairing of Buddy with a New staff member 
Buddies are encouraged to self-select into the position based on the above mentioned criteria. The Supervisor may also approach employees to become a Buddy. The Supervisor will coordinate a first meeting between Buddy and a new employee.

What support will I receive as a Buddy?
Support for the Buddy is provided by your Supervisor

Conclusion of Buddy/Coworker relationship 
A Buddy will support their new coworker for minimum period of three months. However, and as necessary, the Buddy/Coworker relationship is flexible in length and with the number of times that they would formally meet.

Find a Buddy

How do I sign up for a Buddy?
• Approach your Supervisor to request a Buddy