Buddy Program Resources

What would I have to do as a Buddy?
• Support the Supervisor in providing a department-specific welcome to the new employee
• Support the completion of department orientation activities and basic to do’s such as getting a library card, keys, etc. by the employee in a timely manner
• Develop a positive relationship with the coworker by being accessible, patient, positive and non-judgmental
• Help the coworker integrate with the department
• If appropriate, provide ‘just-in-time’ answers relating to the job

Suggested activities for Buddies 
• Show your new Buddy around campus, such as a tour of the Library, the UNC building, Athletics facilities and walking trails
• Have a coffee break at any one of the on-campus coffee shops
• Introduce your buddy to some colleagues in a different department

You will be provided a Schedule of Activities from the Supervisor which will guide you in planning your activities with your new coworker.

As the new coworker becomes more comfortable with his/her role, the frequency of meetings should diminish. If after the first month, the frequency and complexity of questions has not started to diminish, you should speak to the new coworker’s supervisor for advice.

Questions/ContactLisa Frost, lisa.frost@ubc.ca