Essential Administrative Skills



MS Office 2013 courses ~ Duration: 7 hours

MS Word 2013 – Basic
This course will introduce you to the commands, functions, and capabilities of MS Office Word. It is designed for computer users who are new to word processing who want to gain a thorough understanding of the most popular word processing software, or those who need to lay the foundation for the progression to the advanced level.

MS Word 2013 – Advanced
This course will introduce you to the more advanced features and capabilities of Microsoft Word enabling you to produce professional documents with tables of content, work with graphics, incorporate and use tables. It is designed for users who are experienced in MS Word.

MS Excel 2013 – Basic
This course covers the basic functions and tools of Microsoft Excel, enabling you to analyze data and create charts, graphs, and a variety of business reports.

MS Excel 2013 – Advanced
This course covers topics on manipulating data and name ranges, templates, formatting and display techniques, sorting and querying data, linking and consolidating data, chart formatting techniques, protection and security, and absolute and relative cell referencing. It can include advanced functions such as conditional logic, conditional summary options, and information functions.  It is suitable for those users experienced in MS Excel.

MS PowerPoint 2013
This course empowers you to create attractive, streamlined presentations. Using a variety of commands, learn how to make a professional slideshow using text, photos, graphics and animation.

MS Publisher 2013 
Create, customize and publish print-ready brochures, newsletters, labels, e-files, and more. Work from templates or create your own design to produce professional-looking documents.

MS Outlook 2013: Thinking Outside of the Inbox
Don’t just email and book appointments – manage your life! Track, synchronize, share, and keep on top of your communication, tasks, commitments, and priorities.

Adobe Acrobat courses ~  Duration: 7 hours

Adobe Acrobat: Creating Electronic Documents
As the paperless office approaches, the need for electronic documents that are easy to navigate and use increases. Learn how to create PDF documents with features, such as bookmarks and links that make them more useful on the computer than they would be if printed. Learn how to modify PDF documents to create a single PDF from multiple source documents.

Adobe Acrobat: Electronic Forms
Information submitted in a paper form is often entered back into the computer. This course will teach you how to create forms that can be filled out and submitted electronically. Participants are encouraged to bring their own forms to class, both on paper and a memory stick.

Human Resources

Charting Your Path – Career Development ~ Duration: 3 1/2 hours

What are you doing when you feel the most sense of accomplishment? Join us to explore some of the facets of your working style and identify some next steps you can take to stretch & fulfill yourself in your career.

Using the Strong Interest Inventory to guide you to reflect on how you can add select tasks at work and projects in your personal life that fit your individual style. The Strong Interest Inventory is the most respected and widely used career planning instrument in the world. This inventory links your interests and preferences to various jobs, work settings and careers.

Before the workshop, you’ll be asked to complete an online assessment. During the workshop, you will receive a comprehensive report outlining several areas of interest and how these relate to careers or volunteer work. Finally, all participants will receive a copy of the full report after the workshop.

Intro to Collective Agreement – Duration: 1 1/2 hours 

Selection committees represent UBC, make a good impression!  Facilitated by HR Advisors with over 30 years of experience, this course will provide you with a sound process followed at UBC, including the specific rules regarding the BCGEU process.  Your burning questions regarding selection committees, screening applicants, setting up interviews, developing questions, scoring, and reference checks will be answered.

Intro to Human Resource Management System (HRMS) ~ Duration: 1 1/2 hours

HRMS is one of several major UBC business systems and is the primary source of information for UBC faculty, staff and student employees for the purposes of:

  • HR/Salary administration
  • Benefits enrolment and administration
  • Payroll

HRMS is primarily used by faculty and departmental administrators for two purposes:

  • To view the employment history of individual faculty, staff and staff employees
  • To produce reports and extract data

The HRMS system uses software from Oracle / PeopleSoft and is managed jointly by Human Resources and UBC Finance.

Position Management ~ Duration 1 1/2 hours
Pre-requiste: Intro to HRMS

Position Management is a portion of the eRecruit online recruitment and management software. Position Management allows administrators to:

  • define job positions at UBC
  • identify the unit to which the position belongs
  • identify the employment group
  • record the organizational hierarchy
  • provide a job description
  • identify funding (source, amount, duration)
  • cross-reference positions to people (via HRMS)
  • incorporate this information to the budget system

eRecruit Training – Duration 1 1/2 hours

eRecruit  was introduced to the UBC campus to help improve and streamline the recruitment process.  The online system provides Faculties and Departments the ability to manage their own postings, prepare job Offers, and hire new employees.   The Okanagan campus rolled out eRecruit in 2013, for Staff positions only, in order to have greater control and flexibility around the recruitment process while eliminating the volume of paperwork that is required for hiring a successful recruit.

Currently, the Faculty component is still being handled centrally by Human Resources.  Human Resources continues to offer workshops and training on the system on an ongoing basis.  

The Recruiting Process – Duration 1 1/2 hours

The Recruiting Processes provides a general overview of the procedures or actions required to recruit a staff member at UBC. This workshop will cover the following topics: how to classify a position, when to post a position, how to select an applicant, and which union rules applies prior to the interview stage.

The workshop will also explain the interview process, rules regarding different bargaining groups, and how to make a job offer to the successful candidate. Lastly, it will touch on the required hiring paperwork and how to get the employee set-up, on boarded and oriented at UBC.

Interview Skills for Selection Committee Members – Duration 1 1/2 hours

Selection committees represent UBC, make a good impression! Facilitated by HR Advisors with over 30 years of experience, this course will provide you with a sound process followed at UBC, including the specific rules regarding the BCGEU process. Your burning questions regarding selection committees, screening applicants, setting up interviews, developing questions, scoring, and reference checks will be answered.

Hiring Students – Duration 1 1/2 hours

Hiring Students provides a general overview of the procedures and actions required to recruit a student employee at UBC. This workshop will cover on how to advertise, prepare, hire, reappoint and end student appointments.  It will also touch on eligibility criteria, different types of appointments, salary, and hours of work, benefits, vacation pay, and statutory holidays.

Salary Administration Process – Duration 1 1/2 hours  

Do you manage Management and Professional (M&P) staff, or just want a better understanding of M&P salary administration? If so, this workshop is for you! This workshop is designed to provide you with a understanding of salary administration principles, the basics of the classification system, starting salaries, and the different types of salary increases for M&P staff. The workshop will also include the connection with APPRAISE, the performance appraisal resource and salary increases.

Writing Job Descriptions – Duration 1 1/2 hours  

Job Descriptions are used for so many things!  Job Postings, expectations, job clarity and Performance Management.  Getting it right is important! Attend this workshop facilitated by HR Advisors with over 30 years’ experience and you will avoid unnecessary delays. You will gain tips for writing effective job descriptions, a better understanding of the different employee groups and the associated process. This session is highly recommended for any manager that is required to write job descriptions.

Ideal for managers responsible for writing job descriptions

Supporting the Tenure and Promotion Process – Duration 1 1/2 hours

Join your Human Resources Advisors for this eye-opening workshop.  The topics covered will help you appreciate the process tenure-track faculty members go through to get Tenure and Promotion.  In addition, your appreciation will enhance your ability to support your Dean or Head through it.

Key topics will include:

  • A brief outline of the Tenure and Promotion Process.
  • Important deadlines that need to be adhered to.
  • Required documentation.
  • Various committees involved and the role they play.
  • Importance of confidentiality in your role.
  • Other helpful tips and resources.


Watch for more course listings as they become available