RESPECTFUL ENVIRONMENT INITIATIVES 2012: Applications Accepted Commencing September 4

Announcing the availability of limited funds to support unit-based respectful environment initiatives. Applications will be accepted commencing Tuesday, September 4, 2012.

The UBC Respectful Environment Statement (RES) – – was released by President Toope in 2008. The UBC RES sets out expectations for conduct on the campus and provides that the supervisor of each unit is responsible for responding to complaints as they arise.

Since 2008 representatives from the Equity Office and Human Resources have worked to create awareness about the Statement and to engage our community in discussion about respect and related skills to address concerns of respect.  As part of the RES initiative we are again able to offer the services of Sally Campbell, a skilled dispute resolution professional, who is able to provide different options that can help you set the right tone, build capacity to effectively prevent or resolve conflict in your units as it might arise in the future, or address specific conflicts that are in place today.  There is rarely a quick fix to disputes within a unit – however, this is a way to start a problem-solving process and to build capacity in your unit for addressing issues as they arise. Sally is able to provide these services in the upcoming semester (September to December, 2012).

Limited funds are available to support respectful environment initiatives in the workplace from September to December 2012. We will accept applications commencing September 4, 2012. Find full details on Respectful Environment Initiatives 2012, including the application form, at

Thank you.