Selecting a Mentor

Faculty Members (mentees) may review the biographies of potential mentors on the Okanagan campus by clicking on Mentor Biographies. Mentees are asked to identify a mentor from the roster. Based upon their interests and goals for the mentoring relationship, mentees then contact Pauline Brandes, Director of Human Resources at or phone #250-807-8618, to discuss their selection and arrange for an introduction to the mentor (if still available).

As no one individual can be an expert in all of the areas in which a mentee aspires to grow, mentees may wish to activate multiple relationships to address different needs and provide a variety of perspectives. Unit/department heads are important members of a mentoring team in addition to discipline, research, teaching, or culture focused mentors.

Mentees may wish to connect with a mentor on the Vancouver campus based on specific discipline interests or expertise to fit their mentoring goals. This may be in addition to a mentor on the Okanagan campus, as a specific topical connection, or as a primary mentoring relationship. Mentees may approach their Vancouver colleague directly or may contact Pauline Brandes, Director of Human Resources at or phone 250-807-8618, to facilitate exploration of a pairing.