Recruiting Staff at UBC’s Okanagan campus

To recruit for a staff position at UBC’s Okanagan campus, the procedure is as follows:

At a Glance

1. Write a Job Description

2. Get the Job Classified

3. Post the Position

4. Short-list, Interview, Test & Make a Selection

5. Record Retention & Privacy Guidelines for Selection Committees

6. Hire through eRecruit or ePAF

7. Hiring a Short-term BCGEU Clerical Auxiliary Employee (less than a 4 mnth appt.)

8. Orientation & Onboard Checklists


In Detail

Step 1: Write a Job Description

Human Resources would be happy to assist you in developing a job description.

Writing a Job Description

If you need assistance with writing a job description, please contact HR Advisors: Janna Fisk at or 250.807.9596 and/or Terri Jones at or 250.807.8619.

Step 2: Get the Job Classified

After you have written a job description that requires classification/reclassification, please email Angela McLean, Compensation Consultant.

Step 3: Post the Position

Once your job has been classified and approved, post the position on UBC’s staff and faculty career’s website using eRecruit. If you require access, training, or support on eRecruit, or have any questions on posting requirements, please contact the Staff HR Associate mailbox:

Step 4: Short-list, Interview, Test and Make a Selection


The criteria for short-listing candidates are the requirements listed in the job posting.

For tips on screening resumes, download a resource here.

Interviewing and Interview Questions

The department and hiring manager should contact and interview suitable candidates.

To prepare for the interview, download the below documents and follow the steps as outlined in the Department Recruiting Checklist:

Follow the instructions on How to Conduct an Interview. The documents referenced are listed below and will be helpful in completing the Interviewing process.

Ensure that you comply with the relevant collective agreement requirements when interviewing. Please contact the a Human Resources Advisor or Associate if you require further clarification.

Pre-employment Testing Services

UBC has a new provider for online skills testing called Prove It!. Departments/faculties hiring for staff positions can now test candidates on commonly used programs, such as Microsoft Office, as well as test for specific skills, including typing, business writing, office management and financial analysis. The assessment tools are up-to-date, validated and meet industry-best standards. Pre-employment testing provides meaningful insight into identifying each candidate’s strengths and abilities.

The testing program is administered by UBC’s Hiring Solutions on the Vancouver campus. A member of Hiring Solutions (HS) can assist you in choosing the appropriate tests based on the skills you are looking to evaluate. There are over 1,500 individual assessments available, a list of tests is found here.

The cost per candidate is listed on the HS’ website, under e-ticket.

To coordinate testing services for UBC Okanagan job vacancies, please follow the below steps.

Testing Request

  1. Contact HS at least one week prior to the desired testing date.
  2. Please provide HS with your speedchart, the number of candidates you wish to test and your email address (the results will be sent to this email). HS will charge your speedchart at the end of the month.
  3. HS will provide you with an e-ticket number(s), which will be used to log into the Prove It! website to access the tests.

Testing Set-up

  1. The hiring department/faculty is required to coordinate the testing, which includes sourcing the appropriate equipment, securing a testing room and scheduling candidates. Tests can be conducted at any time in your office and a staff member will be required to supervise the testing.
  2. Ensure your testing computer has the technical requirements to support the program. View System Requirements on the Prove It! website.
  3. Candidates are guided through each step of the test by the program. On average, candidates should be given 20 – 30 minutes per test, unless otherwise specified (i.e. typing tests are timed and 3 – 5 minutes in length).
  4. Results are sent in real-time as your candidate completes the tests. Each test result will include the following: elapsed time, number of correct questions, percentage of correct questions and question type statistics. Please disregard the global average and the percentile ranking on the results as these do not pertain to UBC.

A list of testing tips to review with candidates are found here.

Please direct specific questions regarding our new testing program to HS.

Step 5: Record Retention & Privacy Guidelines for Selection Committees

Please ensure you follow the guidelines on the University Counsel Access and Privacy Guidelines for Selection Committees.

Step 6: Hire through Recruitment/Direct Hire in Workday

If the position was posted, please hire through Recruitment Hire in Workday. The offer letter will be sent and signed through Workday. After the recruitment business process is successfully approved, the employee will be sent subsequent onboarding tasks, including adding their direct deposit and tax forms, to enter directly into Workday.

If the employee you are hiring is new to the BCGEU bargaining unit, please have them fill out the BCGEU Membership Application Card and send to the Union Chairperson’s email:  Also see instructions on How to Electronically Sign the BCGEU Membership Application Form.

If the position was not posted and the successful candidate is not a current UBC employee, please hire through Direct Hire. The offer letter will be sent and signed through Workday. After the direct hire business process is successfully approved, the employee will be sent subsequent onboarding tasks, including adding their direct deposit and tax forms, to enter directly into Workday.

If a current UBC employee is changing positions, please process using the Promotion or Transfer business process. The offer letter will be sent and signed through Workday, but the current employee changing positions will not need to re-enter in their direct deposit and tax forms.

For questions on compensation, step placement, access, training and /or support on Workday, please contact a Human Resources Associate or Advisor.

For commonly used staff action/ reasons, please refer to the Integrated Service Center.

Step 7: Hiring a Short-term BCGEU Clerical Auxiliary Employee

For clerical assistance of less than 4 months, please complete an Auxiliary Request form and send it electronically to Human Resources. We will assign an auxiliary employee from our BCGEU seniority list for your short term placement.

Please see Auxiliary Checklist and Auxillary Information for New Hires to ensure all steps are covered.

Please complete an Auxiliary Performance Appraisal Form before the end of the appointment.  This evaluation will help Human Resources to appropriately place the auxiliary employees in future positions by assessing their skills and abilities in order to maximize their capabilities to benefit both the employees and our Okanagan campus.

If you have any questions on hiring an auxiliary employee, please contact the Staff HR Associate mailbox:

Step 8: Orientation & Onboard Checklists

View the Administrator’s Orientation_Checklist  for new Employees to ensure all steps are covered.  Also see the Onboard Checklist to ensure your new employee is set up and ready to go!

Please note: these links can be used for Faculty Orientation and Onboarding as well as Staff.


After the appointment has been approved by Human Resources, all electronic paperwork will be routed to the Payroll in the Payment & Procurement Services Office for processing.

Please note: It is the employee’s responsibility to complete and submit their benefit package. The benefit enrollment codes in the employee’s offer letter and link to the benefit’s page will outline their entitlement. If the employee has any questions regarding benefit entitlement, or how to complete the forms, please have them contact a Human Resource Associate or Advisor.

Once an employee has completed and signed the on-line Payroll and Benefit enrolment package, please have them deliver the completed forms to Human Resources located in Room 002 of the Administration Building. Human Resources will forward the Payroll Direct Deposit and TD1 Tax forms to Payroll in Payment and Procurement Services for processing.
Paying Hourly Staff

Payroll must receive completed time sheets for all hourly staff in advance of the bi-weekly payroll deadlines. Faxed timesheets are NOT acceptable.

Please use the link below to access time sheets and a list of payroll deadlines:

Payroll Administrator Information page.