Workplace Health & Wellbeing at UBC

The UBC Human Resources Workplace Wellbeing & Benefits team is actively involved in the creation of a safe community that encourages employee health and wellbeing.
Our commitment to employee health is part of the large university goal to create an outstanding work environment as outlined in the UBC Strategic Plan, as well as the UBC Focus on People strategy to develop a sustainable, healthy workplace. In addition, our work is informed by the Wellbeing Strategic Framework and the Okanagan Charter. Our benefits plans are designed with the continuing health and wellbeing of our staff, faculty and their families in mind. In addition, UBC is proud to offer a wide range of workshops and programs to help keep you working and living well.

Wellbeing Events and Opportunities

See our up-to-date health and wellbeing workshops, self directed and recorded learning opportunities here

Health and mental health

Crisis Support for Residential School Survivors

Please see the below resources dedicated to assisting Residential School Survivors:

Quick Links

  • Return to Campus mental health supports
  • Working during COVID-19
  • Mental Health Tools and Resources
  • UBC Wellbeing
    UBC Wellbeing is a collaborative effort to make the University a better place to live, work and learn through a systems-wide approach to wellbeing across our campuses
  • Ergonomics
    Ergonomics play an important role in our safety and wellbeing. The proper ergonomic design of our workspaces and minimize the risk of a wide range of injuries – from eye strain and carpal tunnel syndrome to persistent neck or back pain.
  • Working with an Injury, Illness or Disability
    The Work Reintegration and Accommodation Program (WRAP) provides support for UBC faculty and staff who are dealing with an injury, illness, or disability.
  • Substance Use and Addiction Support Resources
    For people who struggle with substance use and addictions, it can sometimes be difficult to seek out help and support. If you are looking for help, or you want to support someone you know in finding assistance, here are resources are available.
  • Helping staff and faculty in distress
    Everyone plays an important role in creating healthy and respectful work environments. In your role as a UBC staff or faculty member, you may be the first person to see signs that a colleague is in distress, or they may come to you specifically for help.  Use this guide to familiarize yourself with commons signs of distress, and the steps you can take to offer assistance.
  • Mental health and substance use services and supports across BC:
  • Legislated 5-day leave for an employee coping with domestic violence: Information related to domestic-violence leaves

New and Upcoming:

ProPASS has Launched: UBCO faculty and staff can enrol for discounted monthly transit passes

A main goal of the ProPASS Program Pilot is to reduce the number of vehicles being driven to and from campus daily by encouraging and incentivizing employees to use transit. UBCO has partnered with Kelowna Regional Transit to offer the ProPASS Program Pilot to UBC employees. As a UBCO employee, you are eligible to enrol in the ProPASS Program Pilot to receive a reduced cost on adult monthly bus passes. Apply online or through Parking Services for a minimum of one Pass Period.

Upcoming Staff and Faculty IBPOC and 2SLGBTQIA+ Events:

Health and Wellbeing Resources: