Work Reintegration and Accommodation Program

We’re committed to providing advice, services and programs to help keep UBC workplaces safe, healthy and respectful.

At UBC Okanagan, the Work Reintegration and Accommodation Program (WRAP) is a collaborative and supportive approach to addressing illness, injury, and disability in the workplace. The program takes into account the needs of the individual, the work environment, operational needs and legislative requirements for faculty and staff members.

WRAP provides case management support for:

  • Illness/Injury resulting in absence from work > 5 days
  • Occupational illness/injury
  • Return to Work Planning
  • Workplace Accommodation
  • Long-term Disability/Income Replacement Plan
  • Accessibility

What does this mean for Faculty and Staff?

  • If you are off sick, it is your responsibility to contact your head/supervisor or the designated administrative staff for your unit. You are also required to enter your sick time into Workday.
  • If you are off work for 5 days or greater or if there are concerns earlier, you will be contacted by a representative of WRAP who will work with you and your head/supervisor as needed.
  • If you are at work but having difficulty managing a medical condition, or are unaware of what resources may be available to assist you, WRAP is here to support you.
  • All medical notes are managed by the WRAP representative who works in consultation with your head/supervisor.
  • It is your responsibility to provide medical information in support of your illness/injury-related absence as requested by WRAP.


If you are a member of a union or association, you can reach out for additional support.

Staff and faculty are encouraged to contact WRAP regarding questions about sick leave, accommodation, accessibility and health and wellbeing resources.

For any questions or concerns regarding Workday absence reporting, email


Access ergonomic consultation services to help set up your workspace to optimize your wellbeing.

Centre for Workplace Accessibility

Resources, tools, and programs that help remove barriers for faculty and staff with disabilities or ongoing medical conditions.

Illness and Injury

Learn more about the many benefits that UBC has in place to give you access to time off work, health care and other support as you return to work.

Occupational Injury or Incident

Find out more about occupational incident and accident reporting via the UBC Centralized Accident Incident Reporting System (CAIRS)

Long-term Disability | Income Replacement Plan

If you are unable to work due to an extended illness or injury, you may qualify for long-term disability under UBC’s Income Replacement Plan/ Disability Benefits Plan.