Mental Health

We all have mental health. It’s our feelings, emotions, thoughts, and mood—and it impacts how we cope with challenges and stress, how we work and learn, and how we interact with others. Like our physical health, mental health impacts our overall wellbeing and we need to continually work at it.

Immediate Mental Health Support

Access a confidential and voluntary counselling support service to resolve a wide range of personal, work, health or life issues.

Extended Health Benefits

Find registered/licensed clinical psychologists and social workers, or clinical counsellors, through the psychological services provision under your Extended Benefits Plan.


Each November, we come together as a UBC community to learn about, talk about, and explore ways to support our mental health.

Not Myself Today Initiative

A Canadian Mental Health Association initiative that helps employers support mental health and wellbeing at work.

Mental Health Supports and Resources

Discover services, programs, and resources available to support your mental health and support workplace wellbeing.