Learning and Engagement

Workplace Learning & Engagement offers a wide range of development and learning solutions for the individual, the team or the organization as a whole. The team also identifies and implements strategies that impact workplace engagement and supports the University to make sound data driven people decisions with the support of workforce planning and robust workforce analytics.

We use the term “learning” in a very broad sense to encompass those activities that engage you in changing the way you think about or do things and result in something new and better… an experience of growth. While training can develop new skills, only reflective learning can lead to transformation.

We are dedicated to supporting reflective learning that engages and resonates with a deeper aspect of ourselves regardless of our position in the organization, as UBC strives to become the model of a “learning organization.”

We invite you to browse this website to get acquainted with our offerings and visit our events page for current offerings. We will be happy to meet with you and tailor any of these service solutions specifically to your needs. Similarly, if you don’t find the kind of solution you are looking for, please contact us.

Supporting Team Development

Customized Solutions

Looking to do team building, development activities, strategic planning: mission/vision/cause statements? Workplace Learning and Engagement is here to support those needs and to customize a solution.

Supporting Individual Development

Events and Workshops

Human Resources offers information sessions, workshops and online computer training for faculty and staff to improve your effectiveness at work, as well as to support your career, health and personal development.  See the online calendar for more information.

Professional Development Funding

As part of the University’s commitment to an outstanding work environment, as outlined in Shaping UBC’s Next Century, UBC’s strategic plan, we seek to provide our faculty and staff with improved access to professional development opportunities.

Navigating Your Career at UBC

UBC has identified career navigation as an important resource for UBC employees. Visit our Career Navigation site to learn about creating a personalized career development plan, to provide you with a step-by-step process to map your career, set new goals and move forward. By planning what you where you want to go and how you will get there will assist you to reach your career destination.

Explore and create an exciting career at UBC. Navigating your career at UBC invites you to create a personalized career development plan.

Tuition Fee Waivers

The UBC Tuition Fee Waiver provides eligible UBC staff and faculty with tuition assistance for approved undergraduate, graduate or non-credit courses and certificate programs. See Tuition Fee Waivers for more information.

Learning Service Providers

Many UBC units offer learning opportunities to faculty and staff.

Managing @ UBC

The Managing at UBC Program is open to M&P staff who have staff reporting directly to them and is designed to support them in their role, recognizing the significant responsibility they hold for employee performance and engagement and achievement of unit goals.

By participating in this program, new managers* will feel supported in working towards their full potential and have a broadened understanding of their role in managing people and systems. Because the program uses a self-directed learning model, managers will be able to identify and develop their learning goals from a menu of resources provided to help them fulfill their roles.

For more information, please contact Shannon Ballance at shannon.ballance@ubc.ca.

*this refers to those that hold the titles of ‘Manager’ or Supervisor, Assoc. Director, Director, Librarian, Coordinator, etc.

Coaching @ UBC

FREE 1-on-1 Professional Coaching Services for Staff & Faculty

In the world of organizational development, coaching has become the most effective tool to accelerate results in learning and professional development and building engaged workplaces and lives.

At UBC, we offer FREE 1-on-1 professional coaching services for staff and faculty, quarterly coaching workshops through our MOST Program and a Practicum Program to integrate coaching skills and learning.
Our aim is to build a Coaching Culture at UBC.

Learn more about coaching resources and becoming a coach.

LinkedIn Learning Online Video Tutorials

LinkedIn Learning is an online collection of instructional videos designed to provide just-in-time training for staff and faculty in a variety of areas. For more information and to sign up for access to LinkedIn Learning, please visit LinkedIn Learning for UBC.

Awards and Recognition


UBC’s community members contribute to the success of the University in many ways. Whether it be through teaching, volunteer work and service, or research, UBC celebrates these achievements through awards and recognition programs throughout the year.

Find out more about UBC’s various awards and recognition initiatives:


Please refer to the Recognition  program for more information.

Supporting Organizational Development

Heads Up

The purpose of this group is to drive a shared understanding and action on key programs, campus initiatives and leadership practices. This is done through consultation and discussion of various campus events, such as bi-monthly meetings and using a secured online environment, to provide ongoing opportunities for information dissemination and group discussion.

Member of the Heads Up forum include; Associate Deans, Unit Heads, Directors, and Managers who are supported by the Organizational Development & Learning staff

For information, contact Nicole Udzenija, Director, Campus Initiatives Nicole.udzenija@ubc.ca Faculty & Staff Onboarding

Onboarding & Orientations

Faculty & Staff Orientation workshops at UBC’s Okanagan campus will be held four times a year, November, February, May and August. The next orientation is scheduled for May 2020.  More details to come!

The Welcome Back Faculty & Staff BBQ & Info Fair and Town Hall, an annual event held late August or early September, is designed to give incoming faculty and new staff the opportunity to meet representatives of various service units, and find out more about what resources are available to them. For more info on this year’s event see the events calendar.

New faculty and staff are also encouraged to visit the Welcome Center, where you can sign up for benefits, find out more about the Okanagan and UBC, and links to other organizational resources.

Managers can also access onboarding checklists to help ensure a smooth transition for new faculty and staff.  See Recruiting Staff for checklists.

See the events calendar to find out the next date and to register.

Change and Transition Planning

At UBC Okanagan, the one thing we can always count on is change – structural, organizational, physical location, etc. A key to ensuring change is implemented smoothly is planning not only for the change, but anticipating and planning for the personal transitions that accompany all changes, great and small. For assistance in planning your change with attention to helping manage the accompanying transition, contact Shannon Ballance, Workplace Learning and Engagement Consultant at shannon.ballance@ubc.ca.