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UBC – A Workplace Dedicated to Excellence

UBC’s human resources professionals work hard to ensure the University’s people practices promote the core values of respect, dignity, integrity, responsibility, trust and inclusivity.

With more than 18,000 faculty and staff, UBC is one of British Columbia’s largest workforces. We are also one of the most progressive, consistently recognized as one of BC’s best employers. Our people practices are highlighted in our Focus on People framework.

Whether you’re a prospective hire wanting to pursue a career at UBC, or already part of the UBC community and looking for other opportunities, we encourage you to apply.

As an academic institution, UBC fosters a culture of learning for staff and faculty. UBC is committed to supporting the professional development of all employees

The Work Reintegration and Accommodation Program is aimed at providing a collaborative approach to Injury/Illness (sick) leave and returning or remaining at work following an injury or illness.

UBC’s Total Compensation philosophy integrates salary, Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage, extended medical and dental claims, employee and family assistance programs, and more.

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