Human Resources at UBC’s Okanagan campus

Where We Are Located

Located on campus in the Administration Building, the Lower Level, the Human Resources department is currently staffed by twelve (12) full-time employees and is responsible for the planning, implementation and management of employee relations, recruitment and employment processing, orientation, staff benefits, training and development, classification and compensation.

Mission Statement

We support individual and organizational success through best people practices, collaborative advice and education.

Who Do You Call For Assistance?

HR Contact Guide- Effective March 18th, 2019

Table 1 – HR Advisory Services Contacts for Departments & Faculties
Department/Faculty HR Team
DVC & Principals Office
Including: Ceremonies, University Relations Development & Alumni Relations, HR
Kristin Cacchioni & Terri Jones
Faculty of Applied Science
Faculty of Creative & Critical Studies
Faculty of Health & Social Development
Southern Medical Program
Vice Principal Research
AVP Finance & Operations Kristin Cacchioni, Janna Fisk & Tanaya Marsel
College of Graduate Studies Leah Terai & Janna Fisk
Provost & Vice Principal Office
Including: CTL, International, Planning & Inst’l Research, Equity, Registrars
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Management
Irving K. Barber School
AVP Student Services Leah Terai & Terri Jones

NOTE: The Associates and Senior Associate provide support across all faculties and departments as required

Table 2 – Portfolio and HR Advisory Services Role Summary
HR Role For Assigned Portfolio’s Campus-wide Specialism
Senior Manager Faculty Relations:
Leah Terai (local 7-8029)
  • Faculty Collective Agreement interpretation
  • Labour relations
  • Complex grievance management & investigations
  • Academic HR processes, advice & support
  • Collective bargaining
  • Immigration, relocation & benefit support
  • Complex faculty & staff matters
  • Change management
  • Conflict resolution
Senior Manager Employee & Faculty Relations:
Kristin Cacchioni (local 7-8296)
  • Faculty & Staff Collective Agreement interpretation
  • Labour relations
  • Complex grievance management & investigations
  • Academic & Staff HR processes, advice & support
  • Collective bargaining
  • Classification processes
  • Complex faculty & staff matters
  • Change management
  • Conflict resolution
HR Advisors:
Janna Fisk (local 7-9596)
Terri Jones (local 7-8619)
  • Faculty & Staff Collective Agreement interpretation
  • Grievance case management & conflict resolution
  • Support for departmental reorganizations
  • Recruitment & selection support & strategies
  • Attendance and performance management support
  • Academic & Staff HR processes, advice & support
  • Investigation & fact finding support
  • Support for best practices in HR
  • Supports the preparation & submission of job descriptions for staff & BCGEU positions
  • Educates managers & staff on compensation & classification processes
Compensation Consultant:
Angela McLean (local 7- 8582)
  • All work is campus wide
  • Support for the development of job descriptions
  • Management of the BCGEU job evaluation process
  • Management & coordination of all classification & reclassification processes for all staff
HR Manager AVPF & O:
Tanaya Marsel (local 7-8439)
  • Dedicated to the AVP Finance and Operations
  • Provision of general HR advice and support
  • Recruitment & selection, attendance & performance management
  • HR support for establishing in-house Food Services
  • All work is within AVPO and the focus is currently full time in the food services portfolio
HR Associates:
Danielle Pannu (local 7-8682)(Tues, Wed & Fri)
Ruth Calnan (local 7-9879)(Mon, Thurs & Fri)
Jennifer Van Aller (local 7-8833 )
  • All work is campus wide
  • HRMS hiring and appointment processing support
  • Short-term auxiliary placement coordination
  • General staff Collective Agreement interpretation & HR inquiries
  • Support for faculty recruitment & appointment as required
  • Training for HRMS & orientation for new Administrators
Senior HR Associate:
Alana Jordan (local 7-9819)
  • All work is campus wide
  • Immigration support for hiring from outside of Canada
  • Relocation assistance
  • Faculty appointment processing
  • General faculty benefit & HR inquiries
  • Advice on faculty recruitment
Relocation & Benefits Associate:
Jacky Ivans (local 7- 8928)
  • All work is campus wide
  • Support for relocation of staff and faculty
  • Benefits advice & coordination with payroll & benefit services
  • Support for the onboarding of staff & faculty, including conducting welcome meetings.


 Table 3 – Role Summaries for Specialist Staff
Executive Director, Human Resources:
Gillian Henderson (local 7-8618)
  • Leadership of the HR Team & representing the Department on various committees
  • Strategic planning, change management & organization development
  • Leadership of collective bargaining processes & complex labour relations
  • Leadership development & Strengths based team development support
  • Faculty & Staff Collective Agreement interpretation and Academic & Staff HR processes, advice & support
Administrative Assistant:
Jennifer Reid (local 7-9839)
  • General HR information and reception and HR website management
  • Administrative support for the Director, Senior Managers, Advisors and Associates
  • Manages the financial processes for HR
  • Organizes events, seminars, workshops & courses for HR
  • Support and management of job postings
Director, Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Office:
Shilo St. Cyr (local 7-9640)
Education and Support Advisors, SVPRO:
Jannah Jais (local 7-8495)
Shirin Abathie (local 7-9035)
  • Supports and assists staff and faculty with disclosures, reports and/or investigations of any sexual misconduct
  • Provides confidential information and interpretation of relevant UBC policies: Policy # 131 – Sexual Assault and other Sexual Misconduct; Policy # 3 – Discrimination and Harassment; Policy # 14 Response to At-Risk Behaviour.
  • Provides information and referrals for internal and external resources and accompaniment if requested
  • Collaboratively assesses and coordinates appropriate accommodations
  • Identifies educational needs, develops and delivers training
Manager, Workplace Learning & Engagement (WLE):
Gillian Henderson -Interim (local 7-8618)
  • Identifies needs, then designs & delivers learning solutions
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and conflict theatre facilitator
  • Responsible for the Managing@UBC program, campus-wide programming and M@UBC speaker series
  • Identifies & manages leadership development activities, team building, planning & adapting to change activities
  • Oversees the faculty & staff onboarding processes & orientation workshops
  • Leads the Staff Award & Recognition Programs
Workplace Learning & Engagement (WLE) Associate:
Deb Harding (local 7-8829)
  • Facilitation, coordination and organization of learning and recognition events and activities
  • Support for recruitment, onboarding and orientation for new staff & faculty
  • Management of the BCGEU Support Services Professional Development fund
  • Administrative support for the Manager, WLE
  • Crucial Conversations® Facilitator
Manager, Workplace Health & Wellbeing:
Carleigh Benoit (local 7-9543)
  • Leads health promotion on UBC Okanagan campus, ensuring alignment with the Wellbeing Strategic Framework and the Okanagan Charter
  • Identifies and prioritizes opportunities for development of initiatives based on trends in benefits utilization, labour relations themes, consultation, observations, best practices and industry trends
  • Manages the Workplace Reintegration and Accommodation Program and requests for medical accommodations
  • Works collaboratively to support staff and faculty on sick leave
  • Supports staff and faculty in staying at work, and returning to work after a illness or injury
Wellbeing Specialist:
Amanda Swoboda (local 7- 8671)
  • Leads, develops and delivers a variety of health education, promotion workshops that enhance staff and faculty health and wellbeing.
  • Organizes and supports UBC Wellbeing signature events (Thrive Month, MoveUBC etc).
  • Identifies and leads strategic workplace wellbeing HR initiatives (Ex. Mental Health Literacy)
  • Collaborate with campus stakeholders to promote a culture of wellbeing.
WRAP Administrative Assistant:
Sarah Cochrane (local 7-8829)
  • Administrative support for WRAP
  • Organizes events, seminars, workshops & courses for WRAP
  • Maintains long term medical leave database, metrics and benchmarks for the WRAP/Disability Management programs