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UBC’s Okanagan campus Human Resources department is pleased to present our calendar of information sessions, workshops and online computer training and health promotion events for faculty and staff.

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Influencing Without Authority Workshop

The acid test of a good plan is the willingness of others to implement it. A key skill relevant to leaders at all levels is the ability to positively influence people in such a way that others willingly alter their thoughts and plans.

One’s level of influence can be dramatically improved by carefully adjusting ideas to the concerns and communication styles of others, and by formulating ideas in a compelling way. As influencing skills are used more often, resistance to change decreases along with the need to use authority / positional power, leading to stronger relationships and increased commitment.

In this workshop, participants bring their own case studies and use the theory presented to hone their idea to maximize acceptance by their stakeholder group.

Results You Can Expect

  • Improved odds of getting good ideas adopted in the organization
  • Improved ability to influence peers and superiors
  • Reduced resistance to change
  • Reduced reliance of the use of authority / positional power
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased commitment to new ideas

Key Focus Areas

  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Analysing stakeholders
  • Adapting to the style of others
  • Active listening
  • Adaptation of ideas through negotiation & conflict resolution
  • Increasing one’s credibility with people
  • How to appeal to both logic and emotion
  • Speaking persuasively to individuals and group

Facilitated by: Glen Sollors, Senior Consultant, KWELA Leadership & Talent Management

Glen is based on Vancouver Island and has over 20 years experience in driving results by working with leaders in developing strategic business opportunities, managing associated change and enabling team success through role modeling, training, coaching and problem solving. His big picture and authentic approach helps leaders uncover possibilities within themselves and others so that they can create powerful teams that trust, perform and act with integrity.  Glen has a range of expertise in self-awareness, change management, business development, strategy design, accountability based leadership and skills training, and is a passionate and engaging facilitator.

Date: December 4, 2018
Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Location: EME 2181
Cost: $275.00 per person

Continental Breakfast & Lunch Provided



Other Training Needs & Suggestions

Please advise us of any training or workshop requirements that you would like to see offered. Faculty & Staff trainings, please contact Lisa Frost, Manager, Workplace Learning & Engagement



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Leadership Programs

Managing at UBCO

This nine-month program has been designed to challenge leaders at all levels to be their very best. Based on a leadership model that starts with the idea that the act of managing requires an understanding of both management and leadership and a dual focus on tasks and people, this program includes assessments, coaching, workshops and peer learning triads.

To qualify to join the next cohort, as an M&P or Librarian you must have staff supervisory and budgetary responsibility, and have the full support of your AVP or Director, as they will be working with you on an action-learning project consistent with your learning goals.

For more information on the program, please contact Lisa Frost at 250-807-9021

Essential Administrative Skills

These courses & workshop options are focused on software skill development, building knowledge of process and more. MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Adobe Acrobat, communication, business writing and much more will be offered through PowerConcepts Computer Training to provide office training for staff who primarily deal with administration and those who are looking to improve their office skills or develop their career path.

View Personal and Professional Development (Okanagan) Calendar for a listing of courses and registration information.

For more information, please contact Debbie Harding, Workplace Learning & Engagement Associate. Online Video Tutorials is an online collection of instructional videos designed to provide just-in-time training for staff and faculty in a variety of areas. For more information and to sign up for access to, please visit UBC

Wellness Learning Sessions

The Department of Human Resources is pleased to offer free wellness learning sessions. These are 1 hour wellness sessions aimed at providing participants with general knowledge about personal health and well-being strategies and directing them to additional resources available.

All sessions are provided by Shepell, our Employee Family and Assistance Program (EFAP) provider, and are available to all employees at UBC’s Okanagan campus. Each session is designed to provide participants with normalization and support by the use of case discussions in order to maximize the impact of the wellness session.

If your department is interested in hosting a free learning session please view the Employee Learning Session Catalogue, fill out the Healthy UBC Program Request Form, and return it to Carleigh Benoit, WRAP Manager, ADM002A