Hiring Review Process

UBC Okanagan has implemented a hiring review process for all faculty and staff positions funded from Okanagan campus operating funds.

Under this process, Deans and Associate Vice-Presidents will be required to review all hiring requests in their portfolios to ensure that the correct balance is struck between increasing fiscal savings and filling strategically important roles before submitting hiring requests for the Provost or the Principal approval.

hiring request Form

This form must be completed prior to recruiting for any faculty or staff position (excluding grant-funded, sessional, and student employee positions, as well as short-term positions that are less than 6 months in length) funded through any UBC Okanagan operating budget.

Download and complete the PDF linked below.


Approval Process

Upon completion of the Recruitment Request Assessment form, follow these steps to submit your request for approval:

  1. Receive Initial Approval: Obtain approval by the appropriate Dean or Associate Vice-President.
  2. Submit Documentation: Send an email to ubco.hr@ubc.ca using the subject line “Hiring Review Assessment Form – [Insert Proposed Position Title]”. Attach the following:
      • Completed Recruitment Request Assessment form
      • Copy of the job description/role profile
      • Written approval by the Dean or Associate Vice-President
      • Budget impact analysis from the Finance Manager (finance to include a summary of the impact on the budget for leadership consideration)
    • Do not email the DVC and Provost directly. Positions within Faculties will be reviewed by the Provost, while positions within administrative units will be reviewed by the Principal.
  3. Notification: Human Resources will inform you once your request has been reviewed.
  4. Final Approval: Upon obtaining approval, departments may proceed with posting the position through Workday.

Grant-funded, sessional, and student employee positions, as well as short-term positions that are less than 6 months in length, are not required to go through the hiring review process.

This process is not intended to be replaced by or avoided with overtime requirements or requests for temporary resources. It is also not intended to result in greater workloads for existing employees unless there is a reasonable capacity to do so.


If you have any questions, please contact your Human Resources Advisor or Associate.