BCGEU Professional Development Funds

The intent of the BCGEU Professional Development Funds is to encourage and support employees to access learning activities that will enhance current job performance as well as to support skill development that may open up other career opportunities for transfer and promotion throughout the University.

There are two (2) Professional Development Funds available to eligible BCGEU employees:

  • BCGEU Support Staff General Professional Development Fund, and
  • BCGEU Support Staff Enhanced Professional Development Fund

For both of these funds, applications are approved on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to the availability of the overall budgeted funding for the fiscal year.

Employees may apply to both funds dependent on their PD activity. Approval from one fund does not guarantee approval from the other fund.

Both the General and the Enhanced fund are administered through their own Terms of Reference. These terms outline the criteria for eligibility, application, eligible/ineligible expenses and other instructions and important information. Please review the Terms of Reference to understand the criteria and requirements involved.

Enhanced PD Funding is funding is directly related to academic pursuits at any degree, diploma, or certificate granting post-secondary institution.

  • Review the Enhanced PD Funds Terms of Reference for additional information, funding criteria, and eligible and non-eligible expenses.
  • Applications for Enhanced PD funding accepted year-round or ongoing.
  • Note: Ongoing approval for Enhanced PD Funding requires proof (documentation) that confirms completion of courses from previous funding requests.

General PD Funding is funding for courses that are part of a certificate, diploma, or degree program, individual courses, seminars, workshops, and conferences including web-based learning as well as registration and membership fees and learning materials.  The General PD funds do not fund Master’s degree programs.

Eligible Amount for Each Fund

  • Regular employees who have passed their probationary period (910 hours) are eligible to apply for up to $1500.00 under each of the PD Funds.
  • Auxiliary employees who have passed their probationary period (910 hours) are eligible to apply for up to $750.00 under each of the PD Funds.

All PD Fund requests must include an application form, relevant documents and be pre-approved by Terri Jones.

  • Leave of Absence from your position to attend staff development functions may be taken only at a time that is mutually agreeable between the employee and your supervisor/manager.
  • Should you require time away from work to attend a Professional Development function, agreement from your supervisor/manager is required in advance of purchasing the Professional Development activity.
  • We are currently operating under the 2023-2024 (April 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024) fiscal year.
  • PD Expenses must be submitted to Workday in the same fiscal year in which they were purchased. Approval and reimbursement for PD activities purchased in a prior fiscal year will not be considered.
  • Expenses for the 2023/2024 fiscal year must be submitted to Workday no later than March 3, 2024.
  • Employees attending a course or program at the sole request of their supervisor.
  • Training needed to meet the minimum requirements for the current position held by the employee.
  • UBC courses or programs that are eligible for Tuition Waiver.
  • Other ineligible expenses as outlined in the Terms of Reference.
    • Professional and licensing fees or dues (if and when required by current job).
    • Basic job-related skill development and training that is required for, or integral to, effective functioning in a position. (This is the responsibility of the department.)
    • Courses or programs an employee is expected to take at the sole request of a supervisor.
    • Recreational and general interest courses, unless there is an explicit component of the course which develops workplace related skills. Such courses will be evaluated on a case by case basis, a clear rationale for the applicability of the course must be provided.
    • Courses normally covered under tuition waiver as per Article 56 of the collective agreement.

Eligible employees can apply up to four (4) months in advance of the course/activity.

Please review the Terms of Reference for the applicable PD fund before sending in your application.

  1. Choose your source of PD funding based on the type of program or activity that you are participating in. Reminder: the Enhanced PD Fund only has 2 application intake dates.
  2. Complete the Pre-Approval Application for BCGEU Support Staff Professional Development Funding.
  3. Submit the Pre-Approval Application form and include the following additional documents:
    • Print screen from the website or other supporting document that describes the program/course or activity
    • Print screen from the website or receipt for payment that clearly identifies the cost of activity requested.
    • A written statement explaining how the professional development activity will enhance your current position or support future career development at the University (no more than a paragraph is needed).
    • If applicable, for ongoing courses/programs include documentation that demonstrates completion of earlier courses that have been funded through previous BCGEU Fund requests.
  4. Email application form and supporting documents to Terri Jones. Outcomes and next steps are provided within 10 business days (processing may take longer during peak periods).

Once you have received pre-approval and you have purchased your PD activity, you can upload your expense claim for reimbursement through the Workday.

  • Please include copies of actual receipts for your purchase in your upload to Workday. Only expenses that have a corresponding receipt for the expense or proof of payment will be reimbursed.

For courses that are a continuation of a registered program, funding will be reimbursed upon proof that the previous course in that program has been completed.

Below is a link to the Job Aids that will show you how to upload your expense into Workday for the appropriate reimbursement:

  1. If you have personally paid for your PD expense (out of pocket) or used your own department credit card, use the following Job Aid:
  1. If your department has paid for your PD expense on a department credit care (that is not your own department credit card) use the following Job Aid:


If you have questions or need help with the application process, contact Terri Jones.

If you have questions with Workday, search Workday knowledge base, submit a Workday ticket, or speak with a Workday representative.