UBC Awards and Recognition Program

UBC Okanagan’s Length of Service Recognition Program

‘Great People’ is recognized as one of the Core Areas and Strategies under People and Places within the UBC Strategic Plan.  Attracting, engaging, and retaining a diverse global community of outstanding students, faculty and staff is at the heart of the university’s identity, and is critical to the success and growth of UBC.

The Length of Service recognition program is one way in which we recognize the commitment and service of our great staff and faculty. The program recognizes service milestones of 15 years up to 45 years.  Honorees are eligible to select a gift of their choice from the selection offered and are invited to attend a celebratory reception.


2020 and 2021 Length of Service Award Recipients To Be Honored This Fall

Due to Covid restrictions, we were unable to host our in-person award celebration for 2020 honorees. Looking ahead to the Fall, we are hoping to honor 2020 and 2021 award recipients at two separate in-person receptions if it is safe to do so.  We will monitor the provincial health guidelines and adjust our planning as the year progresses.

We have begun qualifying staff and faculty’s years of service based on several factors including uninterrupted service (for more than one year).  The years of service for the 2020 and 2021 honorees begin on the years 1975/76 (45 years), 1980/81 (40 years), 1985/86 (35 years), 1990/91 (30 years), 1995/96 (25 years), 2000/01 (20 years) and 2005/06 (15 years).  If you would like to self-identify as beginning your employment on one of these dates, please reach out to Erin Gardiner, Workplace Learning & Engagement Consultant at erin.gardiner@ubc.ca.

Past Honourees

For more information on the program please contact Erin Gardiner.

Staff Awards of Excellence

The Staff Awards of Excellence celebrate outstanding contributions instrumental in helping UBC’s Okanagan campus achieve its strategic imperatives, and to contribute to the commitment to create an Outstanding Work Environment.

The Awards program includes 4 individual award categories; 1 team award and 1 that could be used for either individual or a team award.

  • Enhancing the UBC Experience (Individual)
  • Leadership (Individual)
  • Sustainability (Individual)
  • Global Citizenship (Individual)
  • **NEW**Advancing Anti-racism and Inclusive Excellence (Individual or Team Award)
  • Okanagan Campus Spirit (Team Award)

Nominations are open year-round for the Okanagan Campus.  You can submit nominations electronically or for those staff or students that do not have regular access to a computer, printable nomination packages are available.

For more information on the program, please click here.

Faculty Awards

Teaching awards