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UBC Okanagan Staff Awards of Excellence

Do you know a staff member or librarian who exemplifies customer service, enhancing the UBC experience for all those that they serve? Or who engages in global citizenship, engaging with our local and international communities? How about someone who has made a difference in terms of sustainability? Or what about an extraordinary leader? If so, nominate a UBC Okanagan staff member or librarian for an award of excellence.

Nominate a UBC Okanagan staff member for a Staff Award of Excellence.

Deputy Vice Chancellor and Principal Award

This award recognizes staff and librarians that have made an exceptional contribution to the Okanagan campus and community at large. If you know someone who has been with UBC Okanagan for at least 3 years (continuous service) whose efforts on behalf of UBC Okanagan has been of distinctive benefit to our community and the community at large, download the nomination form and put their name forward!

Nominate a UBC Okanagan staff member or librarian for a DVC and Principal Award.

Faculty Awards

Teaching awards


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